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I created this website to understand the future of the Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and its offsprings, Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Model Driven Development (MDD).

I am an old computer scientist who consider himself lucky for having been able to work for some years with those methodologies when they were in their infancy, at least in the commercial world, as we are talking about the late ’90s.

It was a big mission critical project and I was really impressed with the formal rigor offered by MDA in the process of software development, which led us to the delivery of high quality software on time and on budget, the only time that it happened in my now very long career.

The walk of life took me elsewhere after that project, but I thought that the vast majority of the software industry would have adopted that approach. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have happened.

Many discussions about the reasons for that can be found online, from “blaming the tools” to the lack of trained personnel available on the market.

These pages will hopefully contain a contribution to address those issues.

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