My name is Marco Mascioli.

I was born in what is now the European Union, in the City that long time ago imposed the first version of some kind of European Union.

Racing in Altötting

400 meters (437 yds) to my personal best at the Altötting Halbmarathon!

I am a computer scientist by training and a software engineer by profession.

I am not an academic, but I am a passionate researcher for good software development processes. I have found Model Driven Engineering to be the closest to my interpretation of the way software should be developed.

I am an experienced consultant and instructor in the aerospace and automotive industry. In those domains I have always been following strict quality assurance processes.

I am also an enthusiastic runner. In the photo I am close to the finish line where I had my personal best time for a half marathon. Since then I switched to running the full length. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be participating for the ninth time to a marathon, this time in Hannover, Germany on coming April, 7.

You can contact me at  m.mascioli@model-driven-engineering.eu.

Disclaimer (2017/12/18): I used to work as a consultant in the United Kingdom for Methos Consulting Ltd. The company was closed before I relocated to Germany, but the domain name (m_e_t_h_o_s_c_o_n_s_u_l_t_i_n_g_dot_c_o_dot_u_k) has been bought later and someone is writing there using my name (taken from the previous registrar name on Nominet UK) . Since this blog is my first presence online since, I take the opportunity to dissociate myself from any opinion, action, statement, in other words everything related to the content of the current version of the website linked to that domain name.

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